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What if you can Do it Yourself!

Every homeowner experiences a clogged drain at some point, and it’s usually at the least convenient time. Whether it’s your kitchen sink, bathroom basin or the guest shower, you’ll need to address it as soon as possible. The first step is to determine whether you need a professional to come in and do plumbing repairs in Los Angeles or if you can resolve the problem yourself.

Use an Auger

If the plunger doesn’t work, you’re moving on to step 2. Homeowners who are fairly handy with plumbing tools can try using a cable auger next. To do so, you’ll need to get down under the clogged drain pipe and remove the sink using a pipe wrench. Tip any water and dirt from the trap out into a bucket and check the trap itself to see if that’s where the problem is. If it’s clear, push the cable auger into the section of drain pipe in the wall until it touches debris.

Try a Plunger

That trusty tool of every homeowner and plumber, the plunger is the first thing you should try. Fill the sink part of the way with water to create a vacuum, then position the plunger over the outlet and work it up and down rapidly. If you have a double sink, you’ll need to block the drain outlet for the other side tightly with a wet rag to prevent the blockage bubbling back up. The same applies in a bathroom tub or sink, where you need to plug the overflow outlet before attempting to clean the drain using a plunger.

Use Drain Cleaner

For those who aren’t in possession of an auger, you can try commercial drain cleaner to clear your clogged drain before calling a plumber. These products usually contain a form of acid and can be dangerous if you get them on your person. If you’re going to try this, clear the surrounding area of any people and pets, then follow the instructions for the particular product you’ve purchased.

Typically, you pour the substance into the drain while taking care not to inhale the fumes. Leave it to seep through the mass for 30 to 60 minutes, and it’s a good idea to close the door while you do so because it has a fairly unpleasant odor.  The advantage of this method is that it helps to clear the drain of bacterial pollutants at the same time, which can be a risk to your health.


Flush with Water

Regardless of the method you use to clear a clogged drain, it’s useful to follow it with rapidly boiling water poured into the drain. Send several buckets of water down as long as it’s flowing, to flush out any debris that might be left behind. If you made use of any products containing acid, watch out for splash backs and fumes that might be harmful to you or your family.


If you have any doubts about your ability to perform these tasks, it’s best to call your local Los Angeles  plumber to deal with the clogged drain.


Is there a need to replace a Building Trap?

The City’s old houses are cozy or large, but they can be a nightmare for plumbers in Los Angeles. The old-fashioned fixtures and fittings are often very old and have lasted well beyond their intended life cycles.  Modern building codes require plumbers in Los Angeles to implement certain standards, and houses that still contain the original water pipes and drains cause headaches for many homeowners. Building trap replacement is one of the essential tasks for the owners of these homes, because the existence of traps is a major problem.

What is a Building Trap and  Why You Need to Remove It!

The building trap is a U-bend clay pipe that builders would install on the exterior sewer line of houses built before the use of modern plumbing fittings. The purpose of the trap was to stop odorous gases entering the home from the sewer, and it worked by “trapping” a small amount of water in the bend – just like the S-bend under your kitchen sink does. You can check whether your home has a building trap by searching in your front garden for a cast iron “cap” in the shape of a mushroom. It’s usually located on a pipe close to the surface.

Building traps cause a range of plumbing problems for Los Angeles homeowners, such as

  • Blocked drains, caused by the accumulation of waste in the bends of the trap. Because the trap essential consists of two 90-degree elbows, it’s not possible to clear it with modern plumbing equipment.
  • Sewer leaks, caused by cracks in the clay pipe that the U-bend is made from. This allows sewer water to leach out into the surrounding soil, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and odors.
  • Root infestation, which happens when tree roots detect the presence of water within the clay pipe and penetrate to access it. This causes a catchment area for loose debris, which eventually clogs the entire drain.

Modern building codes prohibit the use of building traps, which are no longer available. This means that any renovation of your Los Angeles home needs to include a building trap replacement.

Replacing the Trap

If you find your property has a building trap, check to see whether it’s inside or outside your foundations. Exterior building traps are typically removed by excavating near to the foundation, which is usually fairly simple. Interior traps, however, require lifting of the basement floor. When plumbers in Los Angeles remove building traps, they typically replace them with two-way cleanout that provides access to both directions of the drain. If necessary, they also install a backflow prevention valve to help prevent the sewer from backing up into the home.

If your home is built prior to 1970, contact your local plumber and get an assessment of whether you have a building trap that needs replacement. It costs much less to replace it before you experience problems than it will when you have extensive damages to repair and clean-up costs to add to the process.

4 Reasons You Might Need An Emergency Plumber For

Just imagine yourself waking up one day in chilly day and you’ve overslept. You have a 9 am meeting and there’s just enough time to take a quick shower and grab coffee on your way to the office. You turn on the faucet with one hand while brushing your teeth with the other. Yikes! No hot water! What now? This is the time when you need to know how to find emergency plumbers in Los Angeles, without having to go through the entire telephone directory trying to get someone out to solve the problem.

Ok, let’s face facts: Nobody is going to be able to get you to your meeting on time. Not showered, anyway. But do you really need to spend the whole day sorting out your plumbing issue? Let’s look at the reasons for needing emergency plumbing services, and see how having your local Los Angeles plumber on speed dial will help.

Frozen Pipes

The scenario described above can happen anytime if your hot water cylinder stops working properly. No hot water is one thing, but no water at all is another problem altogether and that’s what happens if your inlet pipes freeze.

You’d think in a place like Canada most homes would have their water pipes installed out of harm’s way. There are still many incidences of water pipes installed in unheated basements, however, as well as against concrete block walls that are exposed to cold winds. In some cases, previously protected pipes are exposed after recent renovations.

Whatever the cause, it happens, and it’s on the coldest winter days that emergency plumbers in Los Angeles are at their busiest.

Blocked Drains

Put simply, a blocked drain is a nuisance. In Los Angeles, it can be much more than that, and a backed-up drainage system can trigger a flood. It’s even worse if the blockage causes waste water to back up, because that can cause sewage to flood your basement unless you get emergency plumbing assistance. Blockages can be caused by the failure of your sump pump, by tree roots that have grown into the drainage system, overflowing eavestroughs or plugged downspouts. And if you get a blocked drain on a rainy day, the problem suddenly becomes much worse. Make sure you have easy access to contact details for emergency plumbers in Los Angeles.

Water Pipe

Water pipes have a handy knack of choosing really inconvenient times to burst, as was the case last year April in Mississauga when a hot water pipe burst in a 30-storey condo building. More than 1,000 residents were evacuated when a broken pipe on the 6th floor flooded the complex with boiling water. Everyone from the 6th floor downwards had to be accommodated elsewhere overnight while the complex brought in crews of plumbers to help. If something like this happens in your home or condo building, you’ll be very glad to have details for emergency plumbers in Los Angeles that you can call on to fix it.

Clogged Toilet

Many Los Angeles homes still have only one washroom, as do the majority of apartments. So what do you do when your only toilet becomes clogged? Wait until the next day? Not likely.. At times like this, you not only need the fastest-acting emergency plumbers in Los Angeles, you need 24-hour plumbers, because you can’t wait until the next business day to get the toilet fixed. And how much better can the service be if the plumber knows you?

Contact your local plumber now for a free consultation and the next time you need emergency plumbers in Los Angeles, you’ll know who to call and we’ll come right out to fix your problem.

Hiring a Plumber In Los Angeles

While Los Angelesians are busy enjoying what has so far been a mild winter, many homeowners are planning home renovations in spring. If you’re in this category, you’ll probably need to start sourcing contractors soon for the various aspects of your project, and a qualified plumber is an important one. Hiring a plumber in Los Angeles is fortunately not too difficult, as long as you follow few basic guidelines to make sure you find the right person for the job.

Find a Service Specialist

No matter how good a local Los Angeles plumber is at clearing drains, that’s not going to help you when you need someone to install new kitchen plumbing. As with any other industry, hiring a plumber in Los Angeles depends on finding a contractor with specific experience in the work you want to be done. Using a specialist might cost slightly more than simply hiring the local handyman, but chances are you’ll get a much better quality of work as well.

Where to Start

Begin by searching online for plumbers in your area of  Los Angeles. The GTA is pretty big, and many only work in certain parts of town. Search specifically for those who offer residential plumbing options such as water service installations and drain installations, because this experience is vital to ensure quality work during a renovation. Once you find a list of potential plumbers, you can call them all for quotes on the work you want done.

Check References

It’s not enough to simply go by written testimonials on a plumbing website, because these can easily be created by anyone. When hiring a plumber in Los Angeles for an important project, you need the reassurance that comes with knowing you’ve done your homework before making a selection. It’s essential to verify that the plumber you choose has the skills and experience you need, as well as to find out whether the company is reliable and trustworthy in terms of getting the job done.

Comparing Prices

Plumbers come in all shapes and sizes and so do their prices. It isn’t always easy to compare the prices offered by one contractor with another, because they could use different methods to estimate. When you’re hiring a plumber in Los Angeles, you might find one company quotes separately for labor and parts while another provides an all-inclusive proposal. Some plumbers may prefer you to purchase your choice of fittings, but others believe this part of the job should be left to professionals. Go through every quotation you receive carefully and make sure you understand exactly what is included in each. And remember, cheap isn’t always the best choice!

Avoid DIY Plumbing

Unless you really know what you’re doing, avoid choosing DIY plumbing projects over professional renovations. This is particularly relevant when it comes to skilled trades such as plumbing and electrical, which can have serious repercussions if they are not done correctly. Not only can you end up with a half-finished project because you got too busy halfway, but you could incur huge repair costs that aren’t covered by your insurance. This usually applies to repairs to water damage, particularly if the job was not done by a qualified professional.

There really aren’t any “short cuts” to having your plumbing projects well executed. Hiring a plumber in Los Angeles remains the best and fastest way to get quality work done, and provided you do due diligence it’s also the most cost-effective way. Contact your local plumber 911 Plumbing Services for an estimate on your spring Los Angeles project now – before the season takes off and everyone is busy.

How to Save Energy in Winter Time

The following information is mostly addressed to the people that reside in areas that temperature goes below normal level. In areas that people experience low temperature it is very important to consider the fact that it requires more energy in order to keep the hot water flowing through the pipes. There are few useful tips that can help you to keep your energy cost level low.


Using Insulating Blanket

First, we will start  from the water heater.  Older hot water tanks have less efficient insulation of their own. In order to test whether your water heater is loosing heat or not, put your hand against the outside of the thank, if it feels warm to your touch, then it means its own insulation is inadequate and the heat is transferring through the tank’s outer layer. Insulating blankets can be used in order to keep the water getting cold due to the outside temperature.

Wrap your electric tank in a hot water cylinder jacket available from Home Depot or Lowe’s. The jackets are made from sheet-plastic-covered insulation foam and come with an R-rating. Los Angeles Plumbers recommend using a jacket with an R-11 rating, which range in price from $25 to $60 depending on the size you need.

For gas-fired hot water heaters, you need to make sure the areas around the pilot flame remains clear of the insulating blanket, or this could catch fire. It’s best to get your local Los Angeles Plumber to install the blanket on a gas heater, unless you really know what you are doing.

Cover the External Pipes

It’s not just the hot water heater itself that benefits from insulation, but the pipes as well. Plumbers In Los Angeles recommends, that you insulate at least the first three feet of pipes leading to and from the tank, as well as any pipes that run through parts of your home that are unheated (such as an unfinished basement). Using insulate tape wrap, or snap on tubular foam insulation that fits around the pipes. The tubing is available from your home hardware store for around $10 per 5 inches of foam.

Reduce the Temperature of Your Tank Water Heater

Ok, so you like it hot. We get it, we really do. But it’s unnecessary to set the thermostat on your hot tank water heater so high that it’s boiling. Keeping the temperature between 55 C and 60 C will give you a warm enough bath or shower and make it necessary to add less in the way of cold water to get it right. It also helps to keep mineral buildup and pipe corrosion to a minimum, meaning both the heater and the pipes will last longer. Don’t forget to turn the hot water heater off or down to a very low temperature if you’re away for a few days – there’s no point in spending money to keep water hot if nobody is home!

Benefits You Can Gain

All these steps lead to a surprising number of benefits. You can realize cost savings in the short term by using less energy, and in the long term by protecting your hot water heater and pipes better and reducing the need to spend money on maintenance and repairs. Any form of saving on energy usage minimizes your impact on the environment, and we all know that Americans are fully supportive of Eco-friendly solutions. If you’re serious about protecting the planet, consider installing a solar or tank-less water heater when spring comes around. Contact 911 Plumbing Services, Los Angeles Plumbers, to discuss the feasibility of this in your situation, and the potential cost savings this could bring you.

Issues To Look Into

In general a Los Angeles Plumber does more than just repair pipes and unclog drains and plumbers have to take years of training in a work to take care of the more challenging aspects of this industry. Even though it’s usually welcome to save a few dollars here and there while you are taking chances with your family security, it is well worth spending the cash to make certain that your house is secure.

Just to give you an example is the fact that, on one hand, a professional Los Angeles Plumber in this trade is well trained in setting up a hot water heater in the house,. On the other, If you as an inexperienced, in doing this type of job, and tried to do this yourself its highly possible you could be setting yourself up for disaster that could trigger serious consequences to the safety of you and your love ones. A major concern with this type of job is the fact that several times you are unable to find out whether you did it properly until it is too late. Having an expert care for this one specific area is important to keeping your house a healthy environment.

Dealing with various drainage issues is something there are very much connected with the plumbing trade. Another job is putting in what’s known as an ejector pump and it’s something that an expert must only deal with because if it’s done incorrectly and it has a poorly placed seal you’ll be able to have sewage flooding into your basement which will release strong foul odors into the air causing great difficulties for the entire household.

Speaking about drainage concerns, if you find you have a plugged drain, frequently many individuals will go to their local hardware store and buy what is known as a snake to try and save themselves a few dollars. If the issue is not all that bad you might not need a plumber for this but often what takes place is that based on the severity of your problem, if not taking care of and cleaned correctly it may result in further issues down the road. Problems such as a burst pipe or perhaps a huge leak for example that be very pricey and somewhat dangerous can take place. These are just a few examples where an expert in this trade can cut down on the health dangers within your home. 911 Plumbing Services, Inc. Los Angeles Plumber will be happy to assist you.

Internal Resource

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Pipe Location

The pipe location in your home is important for proper maintenance and water flow.

Many pipes are located in walls, floors and ceilings and are hard to locate.

If you have no idea where a leak is coming from, you’ll want to call a professional Los Angeles plumber who will have the equipment to locate the pipes in your walls, floors and ceilings.

Without having the proper tools, it can be very difficult to determine where pipes are actually located in your home.

Some older homes may have been built without the use of building codes, and if codes were followed, it’s possible that they were very lax. Today’s homes utilize stricter methods and require an adherence to building codes and statutes.

Our team of Los Angeles Plumbers have tools that will help them locate the pipes in your home. If a pipe has burst, you may waste precious time trying to find the pipe’s location when a professional Los Angeles plumber could find it very quickly.

Once the pipe location has been determined by the Los Angeles plumber, they can discuss the next course of action with you and whether it needs to be fixed in order to avoid future problems.

Rusty Hot Water

It’s alarming to see rusty water coming out of a home faucet.

However, rust in water is a very common problem.There are few places where rusty water could be coming from a one is a pipe itself or from the water heater.

It’s very crucial to determine the exact source of the rust whether its the pipe or water heater, so the situation can be corrected accordingly.

First course of action would be to clean out the water heater to remove any buildup of sediment at the bottom of the heater. This depends on the type of water heater that you have. Second, If the rusty water is coming from the pipes the only way to address the issue would be to do install new pipes.

If you are concerned about the safety of your water due to the amount of rust, it is best to have your water tested.

A professional Los Angeles plumber will be your best guide in addressing and solving this problem.